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Book Review - Gingerbread

Book Review
Title: Gingerbread
Author: Rachel Cohn
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Number of Stars you would rate this book: 4.8/5
Your opinion on the book: I really liked this book a lot. I would say that it's a great read for any teenage girl (or even boy). It's about a girl named Cyd, who struggles with her family, friends, and boyfriend, the usual teen stuff. The end is left sort of open, so I am guessing there will be a sequel!
Other great reads: More Than You Can Chew is a really good book, that is also about a struggling teenage girl, like Gingerbread.
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there is a sequel, its called Shrimp.
ooo really?
im defenitley going to try and read it.
thank you!
Oh man, I loved that book. I've yet to read the sequel, though...I should do that.
I love that book. I need to read the sequel.