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♥ Application ♥

Age: 16
Top 10 Favorite Books: (these are in no particular order)
+ At First Sight (Nicholas Sparks)
+ The Notebook (Nicholas Sparks)
+ The Witness (Sandra Brown)
+ The Guardian (Nicholas Sparks)
+ Catcher in the Rye (JD Salinger)
+ Keeping Faith (Jodi Picoult)
+ Flowers in the Attic (VC Andrews)
+ Secret Life of Bees (Sue Monk Kidd)
+ To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee)
+ Tuesdays with Morrie (Mitch Albom)
Top 5 bands:
+ Green Day
+ My Chemical Romance
+ Fall Out Boy
+ HelloGoodbye
+ Motion City Soundtrack
Top 3 Movies/TV shows:
+ One Tree Hill
+ Pirates of the Caribbean
+ The OC
Any books that you really hope to read?
I really want to read Perks of Being a Wallflower, but the library doesn't have it & I'm cheap. 1984 by George Orwell..and that's all that comes to mind right now.

I think anyone who reads for fun shouldn't be forced to go to school. Really, I do. There's nothing I'd rather do than sit at home all day & read, but school always interferes with that *sadface*
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