to share in everything (this_last_star) wrote in teen_reading,
to share in everything

♥ Application ♥

Name: Heather
Age: 16
Top 10 Favorite Books:
+ Telling Christina Goodbye
+ Harry Potter series
+ The Lovely Bones
+ Things Change
+ Go Ask Alice
+ When Dad Killed Mom
+ Define "Normal"
+ Hearts Delight
+ Scribbler Of Dreams
+ Summer Boys, and the sequel Next Summer
Top 5 bands:
+ The Fall Of Troy
+ The Spill Canvas
+ Calico System
+ The Chariot
+ The Blood Brothers
Top 3 Movies/TV shows:
+ The Notebook
+ Degrassi
+ Lord of the Rings trilogy
Any books that you really hope to read? anything that catches my interest, I like reading novels on love and complications of teen love
Randomness? Im sorry its waaayy to early to be random lol but I really hope to find this community helpful in book reviews and such
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